In this weeks episode, Jo and Amber cover the history and reported hauntings of Arizona's Yuma Territorial Prison. They also talk bizarre crimes, strange detention centers, and the possibility of tap dancing ghosts!

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In this episode, Amber and Jo cover their first Urban Legend poll topic... The Alaska Triangle! They also talk quite a bit about bears, Balto, and what it takes to qualify one as a Prude-Hoe, all while drinking Alaska own Alaska cocktail! 

This week Amber and Jo talk about Stephenville Texas, cowboy capital and unlikely UFO hotspot. What really happened in Stephenville in 2008? Was it a glare from the sun? A secret government cover-up? Or maybe an alien rave making a pit stop for some prime burgers... Texas may never know, but that won't stop the girls from talking about it!

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In this episode, Amber and Jo talk about the multi-time winner of the Mother of the Year Award La Llorona. They discuss origins, true crime inspiration, nightmare fuel bed-time stories, and swap a few ghost stories of people who actually claim to have seen the ghost themselves!

This week the ladies travel outside of the U.S. to cover their international mystery, as well as their very first cryptid story! In this episode, they cover El Chupacabra, a favorite of 90s children everywhere, and it's much stranger cousin The Vampire of Moca!

Jo and Amber are back from beyond the recording studio with their fourth episode. This time they travel north to Snowflake, Arizona to discuss lumberjacks, polygraph tests, and coverall-clad ... aliens? Find out more, when they dive into the famous Travis Walton Experience!

This time the girls explore the epitome of the wild west when they talk about Tombstone, Arizona and the notorious Birdcage Theater. They talk about cowboys who are bad at naming things, petty murders, the less popular Earp brother, and waaaay too many bullet holes!

Amber and Jo explore Flagstaff, Arizona this week! Where they learn about old ladies, train stations, basic college girls and much more! Listen to the results of their ghostly tour together in this week's episode.

Are ghosts real? Is there enough evidence to make a case either way? How many glasses of wine will it take to get to the bottom of the spookiest of barrels? The Girls Next Door kick things off covering the haunted happenings at Arizona's famous Jerome Grande Hotel.